I had dreams of doing something similar growing up in the 80s. But mine was simpler and less gaudy. Grab a basic Civic 4 cylinder, 5 speed gearbox, and gauges, fit them into the car, and you have something reliable, cheap to run, and still a blast to drive. I'd keep everything else stock and add some anti rust… » 8/31/14 4:21pm 8/31/14 4:21pm

I use iTunes. I once had a job where they gave me a MacBook. I put my music on there, and started playing with it. I used the stars wo rank music, with 5 star being stuff I truly could listen to over and over, 4 star being a once a month kinda song, and 3 star being once or twice year. I used Genres, stars and… » 8/19/14 12:41pm 8/19/14 12:41pm

I nominate the Plymouth Sapporo Technica. It's not a world beater in power/economy/comfort or desirability. But it is one of those cars I owned as a kid I wish I could have again. Sadly, there seems to be only one left in existence in America, and it was rescued from the crusher. » 8/18/14 4:20pm 8/18/14 4:20pm